Grow trees with children

Climate change is a direct threat to a child’s ability to survive, grow, and thrive. Extreme weather events such as cyclones threaten their lives and destroys infrastructure critical to their well-being. Floods compromise water and sanitation facilities, leading to diseases such as cholera to which children are particularly vulnerable. Droughts lead to crop failures and rising food prices, which for the poor mean food insecurity and nutritional deprivations that can have lifelong impacts.

There is consensus on the potential role of forests and trees in addressing climate change through mitigation and adaptation, hence through the ECP@10 Campaign, we are  carrying out Grow with Children: The 10 MillionTree Campaign, as a way of mobilising our constituencies to face the challenge of climate change and its nexus with poverty.

The tree growing is symbolic towards honouring each child we work with, as well as reaffirming our commitment towards ending child poverty. Also, by taking part in the tree growing, we are all together contributing in positive climate action.

Join us in the campaign as we plant trees across various locations. You can:

  1. Plant trees and register them: Grow 1 tree, 10 trees, 100 trees, or any number of trees according to the resources available to you – Including fruit trees in the campaign can help address both SDG 13 – climate action and SDG 2 – zero hunger for children.
  2. Organize tree planting action: Invite or mobilise  your friends and other organisations organizations/ schools/to plant trees or join you.
  3. Sponsor another organisation by providing them with seedlings or funds to buy seedlings to plant trees in their location.
  4. Organize Run4Trees: This is a sponsored run focusing on our climate! Whether it takes place at your school or your sports club or community, for every round you and your friends or classmates run, trees are donated by local authority to be identified.
  5. Create awareness on the nexus between climate change/deforestation and child poverty.
  6. Advocate for climate justice: Get your local politicians to take the climate into account in all their decisions.

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