1. Photo Contest: Take part in the annual End Child Poverty  #SnapsforChange photography contest. Visit our IDEP page for more information

2. Tell Your Story : Share your story and let us know how your community is tackling child poverty, so that many others can get inspired.

  • Tell us about your work to end child poverty in your community.
  • Invite children and other young people in your community to share their story on what they are doing to end child poverty.
  • You can share these stories through our Facebook and Instagram, write us an E-mail and Contact Us through our website.
  • You can also share with us a brief report of your End Child Poverty activities through E-mail or through our website.
  • Tell us what you have pledged for the ECP@10 Campaign have planned for the ECP@10 Campaign and send us photos of all your ECP@10 Campaign activities. Through the ECP@10 Map we shall share your story with the rest of the world.

3. Stay Connected: Be part of the End Child Poverty conversation on social media, through our website, newsletters, and by contacting us directly. We’re happy to hear from you

  • Learn more about Arigatou International, our 4 initiatives, and and the work we do.
  • Sign up to receive End Child Poverty newsletters
  • Spread the word on social media by using your available spaces to communicate facts about child poverty, what communities can do to eradicate it. Share the message, “Together To End Child Poverty” and tag us through your social media. Use the hashtag #EndChildPovertyat10 and connect with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and our End Child Poverty website
  • Use the ECP@10 Facebook Cover photo and your Twitter Header photo, available in the Media Kit
  • Invite your friends and followers to connect with End Child Poverty on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram
  • Retweet, Share, Like and Comment on the End Child Poverty posts. 
  • You can use our ECP@10 Media Kit for more ideas.

4. Share Knowledge: Visit our Knowledge Centre for more resources on ending child poverty, and also contribute knowledge resources such as research papers, reports, policy briefs and other such content relevant to ending child poverty.  

5. Visit our Exhibition: Visit the Faith in Action for Children exhibition, and see what children, faith leader and many other have to say about ending child poverty and promoting children’s wellbeing. Also consider contributing to the exhibition. Find out more here (add link)

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