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We have integrated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially targets touching on children and more so SDG 1 on ending all forms of poverty. We believe that this global ambitious journey towards development will lift many vulnerable populations out of poverty, key of which are children. However, we are cognizant that the Covid-19 pandemic will roll back progress that had been made in achieving the SDGs, thus making the ‘decade of action’ a near mirage. Whereas all our work is aligned to the SDGs, this approach focuses more on awareness building and education around the SDGs; documentation of faith communities’ actions on sustainable development; and participation in SDGs processes such as the national Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs).

It is with this view that we came up with the SDGs Academy for Children. The Academy was inaugurated at the 20th anniversary of the during the Global Week of Faith in Action for Children, in November 2020. The Academy seeks to bring children’s participation at the forefront of the SDGs, while empowering children and the community around them, towards the realisation of sustainable development. The Academy is modelled as a safe space (both physical and virtual) and programme for children’s participation, learning and action on the SDGs, and Agenda 2030 in general.  It aims at providing children with simplified multifaith learning tools on the SDGs.

“Children want a better world and this is achievable. For this to happen, everyone has a role to play from the international to the local levels. In this regards faith communities have an important role to play and they must be supported”

Rev. Nicta Lubaale, General Secretary, Organization of African Instituted Churches.

SDGs Academy for Children - The 5 Hubs

SDGs Academy for Children
- The 5 Hubs

We have developed a model physical space of the Academy in Kenya. This physical space has replicated the conceptual framework of the Academy, that of 5 hubs including, Knowledge, Capacity, Innovations/ Solutions, Dialogue and Faith/ Fun hubs. It is through these hubs that children learn, reflect and come up with ideas and solutions geared towards contributing to achievement of the SDGs. So far, we have had three pre-launch training tours for children, where over 100 children have participated.

Plans are underway to launch a model physical space in Sri Lanka, within the End Child poverty Knowledge Centre. Further, we are developing a virtual space for the Academy within the Arigatou International website.

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