All Out to End Child Poverty Campaign Launch Event image of children gathered together wearing bright colors.

16 Jun 2022

All Out to End Child Poverty Campaign Launch

Arigatou International will kick-start the ECP@10 Campaign, commemorating 10 years of its Interfaith Initiative to Ending Child Poverty, on 16 June 2022. This event marks the beginning of a campaign to celebrate global progress made towards overcoming child poverty over the last 10 years; share our journey and story of the same; appreciate our champions (including volunteers and partners), welcome others to join us in this work; and advance knowledge relevant to ending child poverty. Hence this campaign is dubbed, Looking back, Forging ahead. The two-hour launch event will be virtual, hosted on Zoom and streamed live on our website, on YouTube and Facebook. The launch event will bring together; children, youth, the leadership at Arigatou International, faith leaders and our partners and experts on matters child poverty. We look forward to hosting you at this event and journeying with you throughout the campaign period and beyond.

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